9 aug. 2009

Comemorare - Ioan Lupaş

Pa 9 August 1880 s-a nascut Ioan Lupaş - istoric, academician, politician, teolog Ortodox, preot si detinut politic la Sighet. Oarecum surprinzator, pe wikipedia, imi pare ca biografia sa in engleza, reprodusa mai jos, e mai completa decat cea in romana.
Ioan Lupaş (August 9, 1880 - July 3, 1967) was a Romanian historian, academic, politician, Orthodox theologian and priest. He was a member of the Romanian Academy.

Born in Sălişte (near Sibiu, Transylvania, at the time part of Austria-Hungary), Lupaş attended between 1892 and 1900 the State School in Sibiu and the Orthodox School "Andrei Şaguna" in Braşov. He studied Philosophy and Literature at the University of Budapest, graduating in 1904, and received his PhD from the University of Berlin (1905) with the thesis The Romanian Orthodox Church in Transylvania and the Communion with Rome in the 18th Century. Between 1905 and 1909, Lupaş taught Church History and Romanian History at the "Andreian" Institute of Theology in Sibiu and attended Theology courses.

During his studies he made his debut in journalism and co-founded the Romanian-language Luceafărul magazine. Due to his firm stance in favor of political rights for the Romanians in Transylvania, Lupaş was imprisoned for three months in Szeged in 1907, forced out of the Institute in 1909, and appointed priest to the Sălişte parish.

The Romanian Academy elected him an associate member in 1914 and full member in 1916, at Nicolae Iorga's suggestion.

After Romania's entry in the World War I on the Allied side, Lupaş was exiled to Sopron County (western Hungary) and placed under house arrest. In 1918, he was elected representative for Sălişte in the Transylvanian National Assembly that declared the Union of Transylvania with the Kingdom of Romania.

Starting with 1919 he became professor at the University of Cluj, teaching Modern History and Transylvanian History until 1946, and in 1920, together with Alexandru Lepădatu, co-founded the National History Institute, located also in Cluj; he also taught Church History at the Theological Academy. Lupaş was elected president of the History Section of ASTRA and, between 1932 and 1935, president of the History Section of the Romanian Academy.

In the interwar period, Ioan Lupaş served in the Chamber of Deputies for several mandates, and as Minister of Health and Social Security in the Alexandru Averescu cabinet (1926 - 1927) and as Minister of Culture and Arts in the Octavian Goga cabinet (1937 - 1938).

Due to his political activity, he was arrested by the communist regime on May 5, 1950, and detained at Sighet prison until May 5, 1955.

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