11 feb. 2010

TOP 10 în materie de Darwin şi Design Inteligent pentru anul 2009

Top Ten Darwin and Design Media News Stories for 2009 - recent comunicate de Access Research Network. Pe scurt:
  1. Texas Requires Critical Analysis of Evolution.
  2. Louisiana Implements Academic Freedom Act.
  3. Polls Show that Americans Overwhelmingly Support Academic Freedom in Evolution Education.
  4. The Darwin Bicentennial Bust.
  5. Discover Magazine Names Forrest Mims to Top 50 Brains in Science List.
  6. California Science Center Sued over Cancellation of Darwin’s Dilemma Film Showing.
  7. Michael Behe Expelled from Bloggingheads.
  8. Federal Court Dismisses Evolutionist Lawsuit in Texas.
  9. Ben Stein Expelled from the University of Vermont.
  10. Evolutionary Psychology Finally Comes Under Media Attack.

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